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Happy Thanksgiving! And...Happy Birthday!

I just learned that only eight people on our email list received this here wi go again! 


Happy Birthday to US.....Happy Birthday to US.....Happy 28th Birthday to The Cat's Meow...Happy Birthday to us! 

Thanks to all of you, we have had an amazing 28 years. We have met so many wonderful people that we have shared laughs and tears with over the years. Who would have thought that when my husband dropped a wrench while he was working on a car, and called me to come outside (while is was vacuuming) to hand him his wrench, I would decide it was time to end my very short retirement and open a stamp store that would still be in business 28 years later. It was only two years prior that a few friends and I started the Eastern Madera County SPCA (incorporated in 1990), with the goal of opening an animal shelter. As you know, we fulfilled the EMCSPCA Animal Care and Adoption Center dream last year. I am grateful to have met so many wonderful people along the way. You have been with me through some tough times, especially the loss of my parents and husband, and some really great times! I remember embossing my parents 50th anniversary card with gold embossing powder over the burner on my kitchen tove. I had tried a heat gun my husband had but it was so strong it blew the powder off! I had been crafting with a couple of my friends weekly when I announced at lunch one day, that I was thinking of opening a store. My friend, Loretta McKee, who owned North Fork Hardware with her husband Bob, said "What are you thinking????". A few days later after peeking in windows with "For Rent" signs in Oakhurst, I broke the news to my husband. I cleverly chose a lazy day on Redinger Lake in our boat.....what could he possibly say? He asked a few questions...nothing major, I told him I would need his help putting a store together....he agreed. He went with me when a realtor showed us buildings for rent. It was a day late in September and by November 4th, 1995, I had fixtures, merchandise, and was rearing to go! I crammed a lot in 1000sq ft!. I was in that location just under 10 years when we bought the current space and moved to more than double the size. While we were in the original space by McDonalds, I started renting busses for trips to Rubber Stamp Shows so my customers and I could all go together and have a great time. Ultimately, we took a couple of stamp cruises, too. It was after the second cruise, that was pretty awful, that the attendees encouraged me to have a similar event without the cruise ship, but at our own beautiful Bass Lake. The Great Yosemite Stamp Escape was born! I am so grateful to those of you reading this, and those who are no longer with us that we miss terribly. I am grateful for my dear friends, Melissa (whom my husband called his adopted daughter), Robin, Kathy, the many talented people who have taught at Stamp Escape....far too many to mention. Without all of you, none of this would have been possible. I can't thank you enough! 

Hugs to everyone,

                                                                                             WHAT'S NEW?

We just ordered a really fun Masculine paper collection....and you know how hard it is to find that! It should be here in about a week. We also recently received some nice winter themed paper....not holiday....that will be great through until about Valentines day! We want to see snowflakes on paper this year, not on the ground!!!

 We now carry extra plates for the Platinum 6 Die Cutting Machine. We also restocked the machines in case you are ready for a new one. They now come with the Spellbinders Universal Plate system which allows you to cut and emboss with most companies dies and folders. 

We have ordered the newest Tim Holtz paper trimmer from Tonic. It is at a reasonable price and we always like the Tonic cutters for reliability. 

Thinking of embossing folders....we have decided to try to emboss samples of all of our new embossing folders. I think the packaging on most does not really show the design very we hope this helps. 

We are in the process of deciding which trade shows to attend in the coming year. We have signed up for a virtual show in January, but we really want to touch everything! I was tentatively planning to attend a big show in March in New Orleans, but I recently looked at the exhibitor list and unless more paper craft companies sigh up, I don't think I will go. The time and cost to see 10-15 companies is not worth it.....and I love New Orleans, too!  We are more interested in a show that is in Las Vegas in July. Can you believe that???? Las Vegas in July???? There are currently 40 companies registered for that event. Maybe if we arrive at night, get to the hotel where we can sleep and also attend the show, and never go out during the heat of the day it will be OK!! At any rate, we are attending all of the events we can, virtual or in person, to be able to keep you posted on all of the new fun goodies! 

                                                                         Stamp Escape Updates

If you are already signed up to attend, I sent you the contact information for the person handling accommodations at The Pines. If you did not get that, let me know. We are finalizing teachers....finally....and should be able to make that announcement soon. If you are thinking of coming, be sure to get your registration in as soon as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to call or email. We look forward to seeing you! 

Be sure to check out the classes.. and call to sign up! We will not have a class the weekend of Thanksgiving....have a great holiday!