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We are cleaning house!

Hi there....

I don't know what got into us, but we are cleaning house. I use that term loosely as it is really Melissa who is on a roll!.  Holy Cow! Who put all of that stuff in the stockroom, anyway? We had a couple of overloaded shelves that looked like a catastrophe in the making, so Melissa dove in yesterday, and really made headway. We found treasures we didn't know we had. Who knew we still had a box of popsickle sticks? These are vintage popsickle sticks! Did you know popsicle sticks are now shorter, not like the popsicle sticks of yesteryear? So if you are in need of vintage popsicle sticks you know where to go!

Between taking time to get our friend to come fix the shelves that were wonky and looked like a disaster about to happen, and discussing what could (should) be thrown out....a lot of progress was made. The stockroom has also been the repository for all things SPCA for years. We are gradually weeding through everything, trying to only keep the things we really need! There just might be some good stuff in the 50% off bin! 

Besides our cleaning binge, I had a really good time shopping tthrough Penny Black's wood mounted stamp selection. WHAT???? Wood mounted stamps? I actually placed a large order for some of our old fav's, and for basic words. We realize that stamping can be overwhelming to a newbie who just wants to make a birthday card or thank you card. They need a nice image and a simple word stamp. They don't need a whole set of images, another set of words, several acrylic blocks.....and on and on. Who knows, once they are successful with their first endeavor with a wood mounted stamp, they might become a real stamper!  We should have our order from Penny Black soon. 

For those of you who are Graphic 45 enthusiasts, Robin's class this month features the Flower Shop collection that she made into a stans-alone calendar. The calendar can be used for any year (you put the dates of the calendar pages) and would make a great gift. Her class is the 12th, so sign up soon! 

Kathy chose a beatful set from Northwoods Rubber stamps for her class this month. The flowers and butterflies are very traditional and colorful. These cards would be perfect to have in your collection, waiting for a sentiment for the right occasion. I can think of many uses for these cards! Kathy's class is the 19th.

My class is the 26th and features dies from Memory Box. I have loved Memory Box since they were a new company, and as I was thinking about what to do for my class, I realized that I can always find something I like from Memory Box. Besides, they are wonderful people and a great company to work with. This month I chose some of their florals and an adorable birdie!  


                      Robin 8/12                                                  Kathy 8/19                                                      Sharon 8/26

***Just an update on Stamp Escape 2024. We are working on details, including teachers. I hope to have more information on that by the next newsletter. We have had lots of early sign-ups, so if you want to secure a spot, be sure to let us know you want to attend and we will help you get set up. If you are coming as part of a group, please make sure everyone in your group has been in touch with us. I sent out an email today to a few I know are regulars and will probably plan to attend but we do need to hear from you to secure a spot. You can pay a deposit or pay in full, whatever works for you.. The registration form is on the website, 

We have lots of new things on the way or already in stock....Stop by if you are in the area or live close by to check things out. 


                                                                  WHAT"S NEW?

Paper....we love paper......New 6x6 pads from Memory Box with some foil in the designs. We also received pads from Honey Bee. These pads are 6x8.5. a great size. Also from Honey Bee are a coupld of wonderful unique die sets. One is of Great Horned Owls...they are amazing, and also a die set of "Stumps"....yes....wood stumps. These are very unique with many uses. They look really dimensional when they are layered is wood-tone papers. You will have to see them!

We have a new collection of camping themed paper. Being close to Yosemite, we always need camping paper and the ones we just received are perfect for cards or a scrapbook. 

Just fall themed paper from Graphic 45. It has fall leaves and pumpkins all together but is really more fall than Halloween. The warm colors are gorgeous. We have12x12 by the sheet, 8x8 pads and ephemera.

We also have the latest background paper pads from Craft Consortium. These pads are in 6x6 and 12x12. You have probably seen many different color collections in these pads....the newest is gorgeous shades of green. It is outstanding!

We have paper on order in fall, winter and Christmas themes. We try to find the most versatile papers!  Many are coming this week. 

I mentioned the wood mounted stamps above....they will be a Blast from the Past for many of us...we can't wait!

For something a little different....if you are looking for a craft...maybe have company that could use something to keep them busy? We have Origami kits and some very cool suncatcher kits. We were astonished when we saw how nice the suncatchers are. They are either dragonfly, butterfly or bee themed....very cute with a large faceted crystal to catch the light. 

We have shipments arriving a couple of times a week so there is always something new....see you soon!