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We are BAAAACK!!!!!

We are back.... even though we weren't really gone. The weather since mid-February has been brutal! Most of you probably know that both Melissa and I were snowed in which is a rare thing. For us to actually have the store closed almost never happens. We thought we might be out a couple of days so I made sure the cats had everything they would need. Fortunately when days turned into weeks, we were glad Kathy had a key to the store and lives nearby so she was able to visit the cats and take care of their needs. It is a weird feeling knowing you cannot leave your home and being without power for part of the time made it worse. Melissa's husband was able to periodically clear their driveway with his tractor, but I did not have that option. If you saw photos I posted on Facebook you know that I had more snow that we have had since at least 1990. We were both prepared with plenty of food for ourselves and our critters, but for a period of about 8 days, we were without power which meant we also had to be careful about conserving our battery powered things...lanterns, phones, etc. I had no TV for a month and when the snow finally melted off the roof and the Dish Network guy came (but wouldn't dirve up my driveway....chose to hike). it turned out the bracket for the dish was bent over and the dish itself was crumpled. I had other damage as well but nothing like those in mobile home parks, and others. A two store home on the street closest to me (built in the 90's) had the roof cave in and is a total ground-up demolition. The moral of this story in.....yes we were inconvenienced and had some damage. Are we happy about that? No! But this morning we woke up to news of tornados in the midwest/south where there was total devastation and loss of life. We are the lucky ones! 

We missed you and are happy to be back! There was so much we did not get done that we are in crunch-time getting caught up...with Stamp Escape only three weeks away. For those of you who are already signed up.... I know you want a list of things to bring....this week some of our teachers are at the trade show in Ohio and will send me that information when they return. I will get the information out to you ASAP. I am pretty sure you will have everything, or the person sitting next to you will share. Teachers are also trying to bring some itens to share as well.
If you are not signed up, we have a few spots left. I have not released the chalets I have blocked, either. I will probably do that this coming week. If you are on the fence about coming, you should definitely try to be here. We have great companies represented....some that you have asked for over the years. Graphic 45, Photoplay, Avery Elle, Concord and 9th....none of these companies have ever been featured at Stamp Escape. This year is a MUST! You can call so we can help you over the phone (559)642-6611, or email for information. The registration form is on the website but we would like to know if you are mailing a form and check so we can make sure we secure your spot.                                            Graphic 45 ialways has fabulous creations and this is just a sneak peek of what Monika is working on for you!
                                   Joey will walk you through a collection of interactive cards!! You will not be going home empty handed! 

Carissa and Julie are busy at work too.....but you do need some surprises! I never even give sneak peeks so you are lucky this year! We are looking forward to seeing everyone. 

For those of you who are not attending, many have asked when they can see the merchandise that we feature for sale at the event. We try to get everything unpacked as soon as possible. I would estimate we will have eerything out by the end of the week following the event but we hope you will be patient. We have to inventory everything that is not sold before we make it available in the store, work, work.... :)

This is also the time of year when the nerchandise has a new look! I calli it lighter and brighter. We are not ignoring those of you who cannot attend our event. We have plenty of new products on order for the store!

We hope, wherever you are, you are safe and well. I know California is not alone in this weird weather thing....if you are not local, we would love to hear from you so we know you are OK.

Hugs to all...

                                                                    What's New? 

OLO is here! Our customers who have purchasd the OLO markers love them! We will be happy to explain the benefits of OLO when you stop by. We are discontinuing our remaining Copic stock. If you are interested in 'getting them while you can', bring your list to stock up. We know if you try OLO's, you will love them and we will have no problem getting stock, so be sure to check them out when you are here! 

We have lots of goodies on order that are due soon. We also have product ordered that will not be in for another month. There will be new papers, stamps, dies, embossing folders, name it! I just saw the release of the new Doodlebug collections which are adorable...and the new G45 release which is gorgeous! Stay tuned for sneak peeks when we get them.