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Cat's Meow weather update..

Hello everyone 
This will be short as I am updating you from my phone. The store is still closed due to the series of storms that have come through. Before leaving the store last week, we made sure the cat's had plenty of food, water and litter. Kathy has been able to get in several times to check on them and they are fine. They have had power and heat the whole time.

Melissa was able to get out of her house on Sunday to go to the market and take supplies to her inlaws. She happily was able to shower there. Here in the mountains if you are on your own water system/well, you may not have water if you if you don't have power. As of today we have been out of power a week in the area. Melissa and I both lost power at home six days ago. Mine came on yesterday afternoon, a few hours before projected. Did I do the happy bet. I didn't realize how cold it was until it started to warm up.  You may have seen some snow photos on our Facebook page. I will post more today. Melissa still has no power although they did have their generator for a couple of days. You can imagine what it would be like trying to buy a generator around here now. They may be able to borrow one today. 

I am waiting for a guy to come with equipment to clear my driveway. At least I won't be trapped. For this past week I have been very careful not to do anything dumb and need help. I don't hear any equipment yet and can't see the beginning of my driveway so here I sit...listening. I have electricity and heat so I am happy. It will be a while before my dogs can be left out in the yard all day while I am at the store so I am devising a plan for them. We are not done with this storm system yet so I don't know when we will open the store. Our first priority is staying safe and you being safe. We have certainly had days that people should have stayed home and didn't. Lots of accidents.

I will let you know when we open and send out the class schedule as soon as possible. Our Stamp Escape teachers are working on their class projects. If you haven't signed up there is still time.  Bass Lake should be full this year...another reason to come. 

I will get back to you the meantime if you are anywhere in a storm path. Stay safe!