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Cat's Meow Weather Updaye

Hello everyone,
Melissa and I don't know what to expect in the next few days but if forcasts are correct we are in for a big storm. She is expecting 24" of snow at her house and I am expecting 40" of snow at my house. We hope this is not accurate but we want to keep you all informed about our store hours. 

We will be open today 9am to 5pm. We plan to be open tomorrow, Tuesday 9am until 5pm or until the weather comes through and we have to teave for our safety.  I will send out updates as things progress. We are taking measures to make sure the store cats have everything they need. If you are thinking of coming to the store tomorrow afternoon and do not live close enough to know what local weather is.....please call. 559-642-6611. 

I will try to keep you up to date on Facebook and send out email updates. If you are also in a storm area, please stay safe. We are ready to hunker down here! 

Sharon, Melissa, Quill and Doodlebug.