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Happy Valentine's Month!

I hope this finds you well and weathering the storms! We have lots going on here which seems kind of odd for January and February. We "attended" the virtual show in January.....actually we ended up watching lots of re-runs as some of the times didn't work for us and at other times we were busy with customers. There are pros and cons to the online format.....we can always go back and watch what we missed but we don't have personal contact.  More about what we ordered as you scroll down!

We have some big least I think it is big news. I have mulled this over for some time. As I sit at the desk writing this, I look across the room at the Copic fixture. It is sad! You have heard me complain about shipment nauseum. The last two shipments I received came at much higher costs but I did not raise the price to you. It has been very frustrating to be unable to provide the pens and refills you want and need. I have been in discussion with Global Creative for some time about their new product, OLO. Their pens have been very well thought out, offer more (better) colors, and are less expensive overall. Can you believe it? Something is actually cheaper? Here is why..... the OLO marker contains 4ml of ink...nearly 2x more usable ink than other markers.  OLO markers come in 128 colors amd offer colors that have been unavailable from other companies. I placed an order yesterday for a full assortment 128pc pen fixture and a second fixture with 128 refills.We are anxious for our shipment to arrive so we can share the fun yith you! I know you will love the new concept and great quality when you see them. 

What does this mean for our Copics, you ask? We will be selling the Ciao and Sketch markers and individual refills at a 20% discount to clear them out. We will also figure out a good deal for our existing refills that we used for refill service. We will let you know when OLO arrives! Just wait until you see the colors.....never had enough yellows and purples??? OLO has them!  Stay tuned!

More fun news.....I want to introduce you to Monika Thomas. Monika will be teaching at The Great Yosemite Stamp Escape, 2023. Monika works at Graphic 45! We have had so many requests for a teacher from for those who love their papers and projects, you will be happy, happy!! Monika is working on your projects for Stamp get ready!!!!! We chose the paper collection she will use today.  We are so excited to finally have Monika join us. You can check out her Facebook page, Monika G-Fortyfive, to see some of her work. 

If you have not already registered for Stamp Escape, we have a few spots left. You can find a registration form on our website, Call or stop by any time if you have questions, I will be providing information about our other teachers in future emails. They are representing Avery Elle, Concord and 9th and PhotoPlay. You won't want to miss the 20th Annual Great Yosemite Stamp Escape 2023! Goody bags have been shipped and should arrive soon. We are finalizing all arrangements and things are getting real! 

We look forward to seeing for Stamp Escape Teacher info in future emails

                                                                  WHAT'S NEW?

We did place orders following the virtual trade show (we have another one to attend next week) and some product has already shipped. We received two paper collections from Echo Park this week.... an Easter collection and one called Hometown. They are both really versatile with great florals and plaids. We always like the EP collections and the paper quality is great. Spring and Easter are now being displayed in the store, so shop early for the best selection! 

As you know we don't order from Lavinia (located in Wales) very often, but they had some great new images that I couldn't resist! We have some new stencils, paper pads, and lots of new stamps. I focused on the new fairies and some great new foliage this time. Be sure to check them out....they are on the front fixture so you can't miss them.

We have the new Distress Ink color, Lost Shadow, on the way. It is a really good light gray. It is not too blue or too yellow ...just perfect! As always we get both Distress and Distress Oxide. I think this is a great color to have in your collection. 

We are working hard to restock some of our solid color papers in certain colors that have been hard to get. It looks like some are becoming available. We are watching for availability and will order just as soon as papers become available. Perhaps the paper "supply chain" issue is easing up. 

I think we are getting our post-snow class schedule back on track. Check out the schedule on our website We moved Melissa's class that was cancelled in January due to weather to February. We had hoped to have Robin's beautiful Heartfelt Creations class in February but there is a paper shipping delay so you can take her class the first Saturday in March. By the way....are there weekdays that work better for you than Saturday's for class? If so, shoot us an email. We always want to make things work for you if we can! See you soon!