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Never a dull moment!

UPDATE...I have been trying to send this for two simply would not send. I think it might have had something to do with that guy who was working in a hole down the street! How we love the internet!

Hi there....

Truly, there is never a dull moment around here. As many of you know I have been very involved with our local SPCA for many years. The goal has always been to build a shelter for our mountain area. Needless to say our goal took longer than expected, but we are finally ready to open the doors to the community. Over the last couple of weeks we had a ribbon cutting and open house so our donors and curious community members could see what took so long. It has been an interesting process, and not without ups and downs. Raising funds to build what turned out to be a 4.5 million dollar facility was no small task. During that time we also operated a spay/neuter assistance program, community cat programs, and assisted with medical costs for pets in need. Many of you have donated, bought raffle tickets and made cards for us to send to donors. Your interest has meant so much to me!    Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

                                             Eastern Madera County Animal Care and Adoption Center
Over the last months, there has never been a time that there wasn't some sort of problem, crisis, need for decisions, you name it! Stress levels have been high? You bet! Looking back to Stamp Escape, I know now that my hobbling around with my walking stick was the result of putting together Stamp Escape for the first time in two years, dealing with all of the ups and downs of the Center construction, and daily life! Yes, life does go on! A couple of weeks ago I started with a nasty bout of Sciatica. Melissa rescued me keeping the store going, and she even contacted her friend, Dr. Google for me to learn that my Sciatica was likley due to STRESS! What?? way! Then after talking to her, I contacted Dr. Google myself and what do you know, Sciatica can even cause your knee to give out for no apparent reason......hmmmm....sounded familiar? .....exactly what happened six weeks before Stamp Escape. So I admit it.....I have been stressed! I have taken a couple off weeks to recuperate and breathe! Luckily I am feeling better which is much quicker that when I had Sciatica many years ago. The moral to this story is we all need to take a deep breath. We are not invincible. There is only so much we can stuff into our brains. Sounds good, right?......I swear I will try to do as I say! Try...try...try! 

Speaking of Stamp Escape, I suggest you get your registration filled out and sent in if you have not done that already. As soon as I have teachers confirmed, I will let you know, but it is possible if you wait you might miss getting a spot. The info is on the website,

As you know, we had to postpone Julie Kelly's class, which I think actually is working better for some of you, to October 29th and 30th. As usual she is having two three hour classes each day. You can take one or both on the same day and you can also take one each day if that works better for you. Two classes are $60, one class is $35. Julie will be in Ireland for two weeks this month but she has PROMISED she will send me samples as soon as she gets back. Featured companies will be Hero Arts, Pinkfresh, Lawn Fawn and Spellbinders. All projects will be CHristmas themes. Call to reserve your space. 

Check out Melissa's and Kathy's classes on the website ( We will not have a class this weekend as it is a holiday weekend and things are usually pretty crazy around here. Besides, truth be known, I am a bit behind! Melissa's class is the 10th, abd Kathy's is the 17th. I will have a class the 24th and will send out a notice when I get samples done. 

Thanks again for your support!

                                                                           WHAT'S NEW?

As you may have heard, Stampendous closed their company location in southern California as of the end of August. Fran (owner, designer) said in her letter to store owners, that she will continue to design and create from home. I don't know what this means for the availability of the Stampendous line of products. My guess is that she has arranged for another company to sell the products, but that is just my guess. The tone of her message indicated that after 40 years, she no longer wanted to handle the manufacturing, marketing, shipping end. We hope to be able to continue to bring Stampendous products to you! Once we know more we will fill you in!

New papers are here in fall and winter themes. We also received some fall dies this week. We have two different collections from Lawn Fawn and some Echo Park fall 6x6 pads, too. We have a beautiful Christmas collection of 12X12, 6x6 and some coordinating accessory pieces in transit. We have two collections from G45, one winter andthe other cute little elves, that should also ship mid-month. 

We received the Smooth Disc Sequins (no hole) in Black Red, Gold and Silver, from Spellbinders. I really like the sequin look without the center hole....I always feel I need to put a bead or something in the hole to make it look finished! No worries!

By the way, if you purchased the Pinkfresh Washi and dies in the sunflower theme, you may know that they also came out with the same design in fall colors. Many of you have already ordered it. You might also want to consider placing an order for the Poinsettia Washi which uses the same set of dies! Let us know if you want to be on our order list so we can get enough. FYI.....we are still having a few shipping issues with Pinkfresh, so if you had something on order, we are on top of it and will let you know when orderes arrive. It looks like things are improving!

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