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Happy Holidays to you!

Hi there!
Here we are with Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas days away! I think everyone is busy, which makes things seem a bit more normal! Last week we had so many people visiting from out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday. I realized at the end of the day that almost all of the faces of our visitors were unfamiliar! The Thanksgiving weekend is always very busy with tourists in our area. I hadn't realized until now how few tourists there have been over the past two years. 

Now that we are in December (can you believe it?), and with Christmas and New Year's falling on Saturdays, you will notice that we have a limited class schedule this month. We will be having a little holiday gathering Saturday, December 11th from 11-2. If you are in the area, stop by for a light lunch and fun make and take. We just want to say "Hi", and have some time to relax and visit! If you are out of the area, we are thinking of you and hope to see you soon.

Kathy will be teaching a winter-themed card class on December 18th so be sure to sign up. We are actually expecting to have winter this year, just not sure when! A friend told me we didn't have snow yet this year because I haven't left the country. She is sure every time I travel it snows. I am quite sure she is wrong as I distinctly remember being snowed in last year! Right now we are enjoying beautiful fall weather which I love. 

We will be back to a regular schedule after the New Year's weekend as we look toward Valentine's Day and Spring. We will not be attending Creativation this year. It is in Orlando, which might have been fun, but it is too close to The Great Yosemite Stamp Escape. We will be participating in online meetings with many of our favorite vendors. We are not sure what the conference in Orlando will turn out to be since Creativation recently merged with NAMTA, The International Art Materials Organization and this will be their first "in-person" event. I am sure there will be lots of feedback which will help us decide about next year. As of today, only about four of the companies we usually purchase from are scheduled to attend this year. Hopefully, that will change and the show will be a success. 

Our plan for 2022 is "business as was usual".....was being the key here! As we reach year-end I especially want to thank you for supporting us for the past 25 years! We continually hear that The Cat's Meow is unique because we have been in business so long. I believe that is because we love to craft, we love our products and vendors, and we love our customers! From time to time I may not love the business side of things but that comes with the territory. It is because of you that we have weathered the Covid storm and are looking forward to 2022! 

Thanks again for your support and friendship!
Sharon, Melissa, Quill, and Doodlebug!