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Cat's Meow clarification

Hi again;
I had some people ask if those who are signed up for Stamp Escape would be getting a goody bag instead of attending the event......The answer is NO! I will be in touch with those signed up for Stamp Escape as soon as we find out whether we will be allowed to have the event in April. I have to set a deadline as the teachers have a lot of prep-work to do and I also have to place orders. If you currently have a paid spot for Stamp Escape, you will hear from me one way or another! 

Regarding my information about the Stamp Escape Tote Bags......We are tossing around the idea of putting together some fun "grab bags"... I wanted to be clear that this is not just a bunch of stuff in a bag but rather collections of current products that we would ship in the 2020 Stamp Escape totes that we already own! If we do decide to put some bags together we will let you know and will provide a lot more information at that time. Right now it is just an idea and is not something connected to those who are signed up for Stamp Escape. 

I hope this clears up any misunderstanding. Again, those signed up for Stamp will hear from me directly, not through a newsletter.