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How can this be true?

Hello everyone!

Can it possibly be true that 25 years ago on November 4th we hosted the Grand Opening Party for The Cat's Meow? That seems like light years ago. The store was only 1000 square feet. The classroom was cramped and the sales area was not much bigger! We shared a parking lot with Mc Donalds so we always had interesting neighbors. During the ten years we were there we had pipes break in the walls twice and numerous roof leaks. How fun it was to be a tenant! In July of 2005, we moved to our current location with 2200 square feet and it did not take long to fill the space. 

During the early years, we rented Yosemite Tour buses and took customers to San Jose to retail stamp shows. About 20 years ago we rented a bus and filled it with stampers to go on a stamping cruise. We left from San Pedro and sailed to Ensenada. The second year we did that we were disappointed in the cruise, so on the way home, somebody suggested we have a no-cruise-ship craft cruise.......the fun without the ship. After all, we have Yosemite and Bass Lake at our back door. The Great Yosemite Stamp Escape was born......the rest is history! 

In 25 years we have met so many great people and have had so much fun. 2020 has been a challenge for everyone. While we were closed due to Covid-19, we heard from many of you by phone or email. It was great to catch up. Sadly we had to cancel Stamp Escape for 2020 due to Covid but plans are set for April 2021. We will not let wildfires or viruses stop us. Is it fun to evacuate.???....we can absolutely say NO! We pray it rains soon and puts out these terrible fires. Do we want to see the end of the pandemic and business closures.....absolutely! We hope you and yours are well. Will we persevere?.....YES! It is with the support of Melissa who has been my right hand and sometimes my brain, our local teachers...Melissa, Robin, Kathy, Linda, and Barbie, guest teachers, our reps and vendors, but most of all...YOU... that we are here today. is time to CELEBRATE! On Saturday, November 7th, we will celebrate 25 years of fun. We hope you will join us whether you are near or far. On Saturday, November 7th, from 9-5, we will offer a 25% discount on purchases (in-store or phone orders). The only exclusions are special orders and electronic items. We will have tasty treats and make and takes. So everyone can join in on the fun, we are also having a card contest. Our local SPCA sends hundreds of cards a year to donors. We like to send special hand made cards, of course. For every card you make using the sketch below (thank you is most needed, thinking of you or birthday are also good) you will be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift certificate and all cards will be donated to the EMCSPCA. There is no limit to the number of cards you can enter. Just bring or mail your cards to The Cat's Meow, 40315 Junction Drive, Suite C, Oakhurst, CA 93643. The deadline is November November 4th. If you are mailing, be sure to get them in the mail soon.
Here is the sketch we picked! Use this sketch for your layout and dig into your paper scraps to have some fun!

Have a great weekend and be sure to mark your calendar for Saturday, November 7th!

See you soon.....