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New class protocol!


For those of you who attend our in-store classes, I want to touch base before our first class since the shut-down. As we are opening back up for classes, we are limiting our number of students...usually to 8 so each person can have their own table. If we need to use tables for work stations, we may have a lower limit for students. It will depend on the project's needs. If you have been in the store, you know there are hand sanitizing stations at the door and desk. Prior to class, tables will be wiped down with disinfectant. Wipes will be available for your use during class. We also sanitize the doors, bathrooms, and other necessary surfaces regularly. 

We re-opened the store under guidance from Madera County Pubic Health and Madera County SHeriff's Department. We were given guidelines that offer flexibility for the type and size of businesses. We have chosen to make masks optional in our store (if you choose to shop at the EMCSPCA Thrift Shop while you are here, they will ask that you wear a mask while shopping). I understand that our customers and those attending classes are not all Madera County residents, so you may be accustomed to different "requirements". The advice from our officials is based on the percentage of covid cases per population and the very low number of hospitalizations and deaths (3) in the county. We want you to be comfortable in the store and to have fun in classes. Until everyone has a chance to stop by the store and see what our routine is, I thought it best to inform you of our procedures in advance of the classes.

We look forward to seeing you;