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We're Baaack!


Hello friends!
What a rollercoaster this has been. First I want to thank you all for your support of The Cat's Meow during these difficult times. If you follow us on Facebook, you probably know that we kept a pretty regular schedule while our doors were closed. Melissa and I did not overlap, so she only worked Monday's and I was at the store Tuesday through Saturday 10-3. Quill worked every day! I had great expectations of getting all of the little projects done that get stuffed into a corner....but.....that didn't really happen. I did go through the gazillion little drawers in the classroom and got them somewhat organized. Interesting how there can be like-items in seven different places. I sadly tossed out ink pads that I am sure I purchased pre-Cat's Meow! They had to have been 30 years old. It is not like I don't have access to new pads in all of the great colors! I think what my spurt of re-organization brought to mind is how easy it is to cram something in the closest drawer instead of taking that little extra effort to keep like items together. Ink refills are with their ink pads, embellishments are in many drawers but they are somewhat sorted. I did not attack the paper scrap drawers but will be forced to in the near future as the drawers are getting hard to close. Enough of my "purging"... I hope you were able to accomplish something constructive while you have been "on house-arrest".

I know you were keeping busy as I had the opportunity to talk with many of you. One thing was clear. that is how lucky we are to be crafters! So many of you took this time to make cards to send to senior care facilities, hospitals, and friends. It made me think about the people who were trapped at home without a hobby. I know they probably watched TV all depressing was that? My point is that those of us who are not crafters, or do not have something constructive to do when we are thrust into a situation like the one we have just experienced, can really suffer. I hope, wherever you are, that you are able to get back out and your routine is getting back to normal. I hope you and are your family and friends are well. We have been so fortunate to only hear statistics on the news, but not be part of the statistics! 

Part of getting back to "normal" is getting our class schedule up and running. I think our classes for June are cheerful and fun...just what we need! I have had a couple of people ask if we will be doing Zoom classes. I have asked the teachers for their thoughts, and so far it is not something they feel comfortable with. If we ever got to the point where we were unable to hold classes in the store, we would consider the option. We will be expanding our class schedule, offering some classes on weekdays. Linda is working on several more dimensional projects as a nice addition to the card classes. Be sure to check the class schedule to sign up for the classes of your choice. We look forward to seeing you all soon!

                                    What's New?
If you followed us on Facebook during the shut-down, you saw photos and videos of product that was arriving during that time. We received shipments from Memory Box, Poppy Stamps, Graphic 45, Doodlebug, and several other companies. Sadly, pretty much all of our vendors were completely shut down, too. As they are able to get back up to speed, we hope to start receiving shipments again soon. Many of you have ordered the new Tim Holtz products in the Speckled Egg color. It looks like they will be arriving in spurts. We will keep you posted and will set all special orders aside. FYI, we understand that additional colors will be added to the Distress lines, 12 in all. We will send info when the new colors are announced.
Stop us know you are OK.....We miss you!