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Oh Happy Day!

Hi there,
Happy Mother's Day to all of our Moms. (that includes dog and cat Moms) We hope you have a great day tomorrow. Here at The Cat's Meow, we have been working to get our Covid-19 business plan prepared and sent off to the county. We are in an extremely low-risk area and have the go-ahead from our Board of Supervisors and Sheriff. The last couple of days have been an unannounced "dry-run" opening. We think we are ready to go. As of Monday, 5/11, the store will be back to regular hours, 9-5 Monday-Saturday. 

Please take note that there are signs on the door and on the window to the right of the door. We do have some requests....use hand sanitizer as you enter (you will trip on the table if you are not looking). Please be aware of social distancing and give others space. Please be seated in one of the chairs across from the register while we ring up your sale.

We are taking numerous precautions in the store to ensure your safety. We really appreciate your cooperation so that we will be able to remain open. The county has generously allowed us to open, but that can be revoked at any time if we do not follow some very basic rules. We appreciate your help in keeping us open!

As soon as we have classes in the works we will let you know. In the meantime we will see you on Facebook!

Sharon, Melissa and Quill