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Now what?????


I hope this finds you well and keeping busy. We are so grateful to our Cat's Meow friends who have called and emailed with orders, and/or just to chat. Since our customers are not all local, we are hearing a variety of stories about what stay-at-home (or quarantine) is like for you. We are pretty lucky living in a more rural area as we are not seeing or hearing of the virus in our area. We have 39 cases in our county, with only 2 of those being in Coarsegold. There are no reported cases in Oakhurst, Bass Lake, North Fork, or Ahwahnee. There are no reported cases in all of Mariposa County. As with most areas, the concentration of cases seems to be in the more heavily populated urban areas, and sadly, in nursing homes. 

As we see progress being made in this battle, we have decisions to make. We are waiting to hear from the State and County to learn their requirements for reopening. However, we want to plan ahead and that is where you come in. For those of you that shop in the store, we would like to hear your thoughts. Melissa and I have discussed this some, but have not made definite plans yet. Of course, we will make our decisions when the State and County regulations are put in place.

**Keep in mind that we wipe down surfaces with disinfectant on a regular basis, including counters, doors, bathroom fixtures, classroom tables. We plan to change the location/set-up of classroom tables to provide more space between students.

Should we:
     __ open by appointment with only one or two customers in the store for a limited amount of time?.... 30 minutes?
     __ provide hand sanitizer at the door?
     __ ask customers to wear masks?
     __ should Melissa and I wear masks?  Quill refuses!
     __ take only credit cards so we are not passing cash back and forth?
Do you have any other ideas that will make you feel comfortable shopping in the store? Are these things not necessary? We want everyone to be safe and comfortable while shopping and taking classes at The Cat's Meow. Your input will be appreciated. 

Take care of yourself, call if you need anything! We are happy to offer free shipping while this lasts, and enjoy seeing your face as we hand packages out the door!