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Is it winter yet?


This is just crazy! We were heaped with snow in February and now again in November! What's going on? Today it is raining so snow is melting. I don't remember when things changed from "It is just beautiful!" to "Not again". We never want to have the store closed during regular published hours, but again we had no choice. When we can't safely get to the store, we hope you will understand. 

PS....good thing it is Monday and I am not at work.....even though it has rained a bit and there has been some snow car got stuck about half way up the driveway. It actually slid backward on the ice under the top layer of snow. Just picture what it is like to climb over your center console because the driver side option is straight down! Tow truck, chained up, on site now!

As you may know, I took an amazing trip to Africa last month. "Amazing" doesn't even begin to describe it. If I could magically transport myself to the Masai Mara instead
of making the grueling flights, I would do if every year. There was not one thing to complain about once we were picked up at the airport in Nairobi. You know I am an animal lover....and that doesn't just mean dogs and cats. I can't explain the feeling when you are picked up at the dirt airstrip in an open vehicle and about 20 minutes later, your driver stops and says "lion!" All six of us were looking around wondering what he was talking about....seeing nothing. Then, sure enough, not one but two handsome male lions came sauntering up as if right on schedule. They walked in front of the car, drank water out of a ditch and continued on their journey. "Welcome to the Mara". Happily that was just the beginning. We saw every animal there was to see, even those that were fewer in numbers....the cheetah, leopard and rhino. The preserve is a beautiful savannah, part of the Great Rift Valley. It is the site of the Great Migration where two million animals pass through looking for greener pastures. Acacia trees, well trimmed by giraffes and termite mounds dot the landscape. 

                                                    AFRICA 2019




If you ever get the opportunity to experience this amazing it! You will not regret it!

Now, on to business.....I see you kept the mouse (AKA Melissa) in line while I was away. I came back to find everything in perfect order as always, Thanks, Melissa for keeping things under control which allowed me to experience Africa! 

We have a couple of great classes this month. Be sure to look at Barbie's Gingerbread Houses class this weekend. The following weekend Robin will teach her final class while she has shoulder surgery. She will take three months off to recover. She has created three beautiful winter cards for her class this month. We will have our cookie swap the third Saturday. We would love to have you join us just to visit, take a little time to unwind during this hectic time of year. Bring your favorite cookies to share! The last Saturday of the month I will be teaching a quick and easy calendar class (watch for photo), and on Wednesday, the 11th, Melissa will have her monthly wood class. The winter theme is so cute with cozy mittens and snowflakes. 

We hope you will have a wonderful holiday season. Take time to relax, craft a bit, share your talent with others, and love your family and friends. 

We are fully aware that there other shopping opportunities which makes your business and friendship even more important to us. We are approaching our 25th anniversary, thanks to you!

Sharon, Melissa, and Quill

                                                      What's New?

We are happy to welcome Linda Mosley back from Arizona and into the classroom. She will be planning some creative classes for you. Linda loves dimensional projects, vintage, and lots of other fun stuff! Watch for her classes starting in January! 

We also still want your input about starting stamp club or Shoebox classes or even a card swap that even those who are not local can also join. Your thoughts?

We have been filling in holiday papers, embellishments, and everything needed for your holiday cards and decorations. We are looking forward to all of the new goodies that we will see in January! There is something fun and fresh about the products that come out the first of the year. The fresh spring colors seem to make everyone smile! 

                                                                   Check out our classes!


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