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Class reminder and new Penny Black catalogs!

If you have not yet signed up for Robin's Happy Skaters class. now is the time. Everyone loves the 'bendi' cards that Robin occasionally does and this is no exception. These adorable skaters really lend themselves to this style of card. Call 559-642-6611 to be included. The class is at 9:30, Saturday, August 31st. Here are a couple of pics of the card....  (Sorry, Robin I got a little bend in your bendi card...just ignore the little crease.)

And...for your shopping pleasure, here are two new Penny Black catalog links. I have to admit (although you know I am not much of a Halloween Card maker)...there are some really cute images in the fall catalog. The Christmas/Winter catalog is much larger than usual and has great variety. Let us know if there are any "must-haves" for you. 

2019 Penny Black Autumn Bliss

2019 Penny Black Merry & Joy

In case you missed the reminder email for Julie Kelly's classes next weekend, there is still time to sign up for either Saturday or Sunday. A single class is $35, take two for $60. There are interactive cards in each class. 

Fall/Halloween is the morning class (9:30-noon-ish)

Christmas/Winter is the afternoon class. (1:00-3:30ish)

Call to sign-up. 559-642-6611

See you soon;