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Don't miss this!!!! The SPRING IO release!

Hi everyone;

We just received the Spring Impression Obsession Release. The previous catalog I emailed was the Valentine release. This release has more fabulous images. When you send emails with your orders, I will assume you want cling unless you specify wood mount. After I emailed the Valentine catalog, I received a few questions about price. The pricing structure is too complicated for me to email to you, however, if it helps, the average price, depending on size, for a cling stamp is about $6. You can assume small images would be a bit less, and large images, ie. backgrounds,  would be more.

We have held off sending the Valentine release orders so we could include orders from this catalog at the same time, but need to get it off ASAP. I will prepare the order to go to them late tomorrow (Wednesday), so anything received beyond that will go in a future order.

On another note, when you are looking through the catalog, check out Lindsay Ostrom's images. I am thinking about having Lindsay come to the store to teach her style of lettering. If you would be interested in taking a class from her, please let me know. This would not be a card, class, but a lettering class.

Have fun!       IO Spring Catalog