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March 2015

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Last night I went to bed thinking I would wake up to such luck. But just because I an craving some white, when I got to work my beautiful ornamental pear tree was blanketed in
Where, oh where is the snow? I would really like to be able to have Stamp Escape attendees see a lake with water at the resort! Keep hoping.......

Just a little Stamp Escape 2015  update: We are full at 100 students, however we have had a couple of people who needed to drop out. That made room for some people anxiously waiting for a spot. The moral here is to call or email and ask to be put on the waiting never know! FYI, those attending who have only made a deposit, the balance is due 3/15/2015. I will be sending reminders out soon.

We are getting new things daily from our January spending spree. Some things have been held  up with the dock strike, but that being resolved should speed up more arrivals soon.
Just to confuse all of you who regularly shop in the store, we have been re-arranging things to put the newest and coolest front and center.

Check out What's New? and the class schedule. We have some very