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June 2013

News Highlights

Meet Quigley

Envelope Punch Board

Wink of Stella

Christmas....coming soon!


Boy, is it summer!
We are edging up into the 90's this weekend and I think it's here to stay. Makes me appreciate PG& long as the air conditioner works, I am a happy girl! You won't believe this, but I have gotten emails from some of my vendors with information about Christmas in July. It is kind of hard to wrap your mind around Christmas when you haven't even had Halloween yet!

May was the month to re-group following Stamp Escape. We got in most of the special orders that were placed following the event. We still have a few things outstanding, but those should be here soon. One product that we were introduced to at Stamp Escape is from Viva Decor. It is called 3D Stamp Paint. It is a slightly gooey paint that can be used with a brush, but it is easiest to use it with a sponge. It comes in 12 colors and they are all very metallic. It dries almost instantly. It is really beautiful to use as a highlight and to edge pieces.I expect to have all colors in next week.

We found another fun product and got a couple of pieces in to try out. It is called Wink of Stella.......not don't ask me to explain that one! It looks like a combination of an eyeliner brush and a water brush. The contents are similar to the Stardust Pens. The difference is, you are applying with a brush. This is a very cool product. Now that we have tried it, it is on order is several colors.

Melissa and Robin took a road trip to Richmond to the Hero Arts Factory in May. They took a couple of classes from Shari Carroll and got to take a tour of the factory. They used the Neon inks and the ink daubers and Melissa will be using those in her class this month. Her class is early in the month because she is heading off to Maine to meet Joy and Debbie who will be coming from Texas. Joy and Debbie got to come to Stamp Escape for the first time this year and I think they had a good time. I know they will be eating lots of lobster and seeing the sights. We are all jealous!

Those of  you who came to Stamp Escape got to participate in my puppy naming contest....the winner was Rosa Vasquez who chose the name Quigley. I figured...handsome dog...handsome Tom Selleck as Matthew Quigley in "Quigley Down Under"....perfect match. We got Quigley the day after Stamp Escape. We is 15 weeks old now and the best puppy ever. Here he is sleeping at my feet behind the counter with his purple rhino :)

This is what he looked like at 10 weeks when we got him....

Well obviously he has been eating well.....He has the perfect Golden Retriever personality. He aims to please! Thanks to everyone who gave me so many cute name suggestions.

Take a look at the class schedule.
Robin has designed a beautiful 2-page scrapbook layout. She will teach that in addition to a beautiful card class this month. If you are interested in participating in the Shoebox Swap, be sure to let me know. It is fun as you get to design a card and make kits and teach it to everyone else in the group.

Take care, and stop in soon.....

What's New?

We have the new Sun Kissed Fleur collection from Heartfelt Creations and more is on the way. By the way, you might want to check out their blog as they have quite a few interesting videos. Their website is Just click on Blog to check it out.

We have a limited number of the Envelope Punch Boards coming by June 5th from We R Memory Keepers. Some are already spoken for, but we also have more coming from one of my distributors so if you are interested in a fun and easy way to make envelopes, check out this highly touted new product.

Prior to Stamp Escape, we added DoodleBug Glitter. It comes in very happy colors and is reasonably priced. We also have added a very inexpensive glitter in large jars to help students sparkle up their projects.

I hope you noticed the new layout of the store. We think moving some of te fixtures, and of course adding the new large counter have really been an improvement. It is never too late to make changes....can you believe we have been in our "new" location almost 8 years?

In case you have missed the latest sample board from Northwoods Rubber Stamps, you should definitely check it out. As usual, the samples are amazing. People always ask how they are done. Here is the trick....they use only Tombow waterbased markers on a smooth watercolor paper. To get the shaded look, they draw a thin line or a series of dots around an image or the outside of a stamp that has a frame. Then you take a damp brush and bleed the color out. To get that sparkly look, they use a dries clear glue and loose ultrafine glitter. You could use either Art Institute Glitter or Elizabeth Craft Design Silk Glitter. Those are all of the you know!

Be sure to check out the class schedule by clicking on the link below!