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CHA was fabulous!

April 2012

News Highlights

Trip to CHA

New shipments

Stamp Escape 2013

Stamp Escape 2014?

Melissa and I are recovering from a very busy trip to CHA. We had a great time, but contrary to public opinion, it IS work! We got to Anaheim as it was getting dark and checked into our motel. The following morning, we headed off to the convention center. The show hours were cut by 2 hours this year so we knew we had to make tracks! The booth numbers started at 300 and ended at 2300...three halls in all. We thought we were doing pretty well when we stopped at 3pm for a meeting with one of our Stamp Escape teachers. We only had an hour left following the meeting and had not even finished the first hall. Better hurry! We did make some progress in that last hour, them met Joy and Debbie, Melissa's friends from Texas, for dinner. Following dinner, I spread catalogs from the first day out on the bed and made notes about things I definitely wanted to order.

Day two, we got to the convention center and made a bee-line for Graphic 45, wrote an order. While Melissa waited for my copy of the order, I headed to Echo Park....wrote another order. Melissa arrived just as I told the salesman "Here's my order, talk to you later"...and off we went to My Minds Eye. Wrote an order for three collections and headed off to the spot where we left off the day before.

Melissa did get a chance to spend some time at Tombow while I scouted around on my own. We did well that day, getting to meet with our other three teachers and writing more orders. I also made notes on orders to be written back at the store. We headed home on Tuesday after relaxing a while in the morning to miss traffic. We made our obligatory stop at The Galley, a favorite restaurant in San Gabriel for lunch, yummy!

After the catalogs were loved by lots of customers, I have written most of the orders I wanted to write immediately. The shipping times will vary from 'already here' to as late as April. I tried my best to order Made in America which insures more reliable shipping times. You know about the 'slow boat from China', right? It is not a joke!

In case you missed my previous email regarding Stamp Escape 2014, here is an update. I am waiting to hear whether the Event Center is willing to work with me on fees (they quoted me fees that will more than double for 2014). Yesterday I spent considerable time crunching numbers to see if I can cover all expenses and keep the registration fee the same. The people running The Pines, which is the chalets and Ducey's, are doing what they can to help me. I don't think there is another location what will work for the event, so I would really rather try to work things out with them. I will keep you posted.  If you haven't signed up for The Great Yosemite Stamp Escape 2013, you should really consider it. Who knows what 2014 will hold?


The most beautiful paper collection we saw at CHA, Diane, from SEI is due to arrive today. It will be perfect for Spring, Easter, Mother's Day, anything feminine. It is gorgeous. 

I ordered a paper collection from Pebbles called Family Tree. It is really cute with birdhouses, small florals, in blues and greens. They will be shipping soon.

We received our order form Stampendous that we placed at the show. It included a fun product, Encrusted Jewels. These are kits that contain a selection of embossing powders, glitters and elements based on a color scheme.  Robin may use them in her pot class.....that is pots as in terra cotta!

One of our favorite companies, Elizabeth Craft Designs has made some major changes that will be great for the company and for us. Els will now be able to create her own colors of glitter, and also keep the price down. She has come out with new peel-off's in velvet! She has a new die line of her own design's too. We should have everything by Stamp Escape.

New flower collections have been shipped from Petaloo. Our entire order has not been shipped, so there will be more to come.

I love the new Stamp of the Month board from Inky Antics. The stamps are from a new artist. We were discussing today what the style is. I called it 'sweet'. Check out the picture in the classes section of the website.

We are expecting new ribbons from May Arts, and just found more new styles we will be ordering by the end of the week. They should be in stock by mid-month.

There is more to come.....always something new!

See you soon.....